Introduction to Brief

Recently, we introduced to our new brief for the professional frameworks 3 module.

The purpose of this is almost entirely self directed towards a variety of objectives/tasks that we feel would be beneficial towards our intended area of photographic practice.

During the briefing session we were asked to pair up with a randomly selected fellow peer and describe to one another how we would define our photographic work, what creatively inspires us and how we might achieve this. This gave us an opportunity to see how we would describe our work to others and to gain a response.

From this, we were then asked to write a draft PDP (personal development plan) in which we set an objective, broad or specific, discussed how we might achieve this and then listed any potential advice that our course or lecturers could offer. I chose quite broad ideas, of which developing my wildlife portfolio would be the highest priority.

I will need to reflect upon this more to establish a better sense of where this research could take me.



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