PDP Presentation

Presesentation – PDP

Using my bullet points as a guideline, I was able to present a rough outline of my intended objectives to develop over my final year.

Like many others, my objectives were broad and would need to be developed over a long duration. As a result, we were encouraged to focus upon one or two more simple and achievable objectives/aspects within each to develop throughout the duration of this module.

Thus, I think its likely that my priorities will be towards preparation, research and experimentation rather than finalised image development. This may change due to the availability of a group studio session.

From this, I intend to add another more achievable objective, gain more context through research i.e. reading, which was a popular choice within the group. I have already taken out a few books in preparation.

I will need to reflect upon this further to decide what particular objectives I should achieve within this module. Although, in essence, my interpretation of this brief is focusing upon where my intended practice might lie and how I can work independently to achieve this. As a result, my highest priority will be upon elements of my first objective, develop my wildlife portfolio, which is a potential photographic field of significant interest alongside landscape photography (fine art, travel, documentary). My other objectives are simply a way a reinforcing my overall photographic practice, expanding my skill set and encouraging me to become more flexible in my approach.

I will start to develop my research.


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