Photos: Martin Mere – Bird Festival

In addition to attending various talks, I also tried to experiment with landscape and wildlife images during my visit to Martin Mere. Due to certain faults with the telephoto lens I borrowed from university, I found this incredibly challenging and definitely in need of a re shoot at another stage.

However, I tried my best despite this to keep trying. As a result, I decided to treat this as an experimentation with composition, light and subject matter. Some of which were based in open areas throughout the park, others were ranged observations from hides and a few were during or after feeds as means of starting to think about interaction shots.

In addition, upon reviewing my images, I decided to start to considering appropriate formats, editing certain images into both 8 x 10 and 16:9 widescreen formats to see which worked better for different compositions.

Some images are successful than others, however, I decided to include a wide range to demonstrate how I started to develop and reconsider certain visual elements or approaches. All the while, I tried to keep in mind aspects of research which lead up to this point.

Overall, it wasn’t the most successful or unsuccessful shoot, by far my greatest limitation was due to my equipment but that in itself offers a lesson in preparation for future shoots. I have generally associated this event as an opportunity to learn and develop contextual and aesthetic approaches involved within wildlife photography and/or conservation.

I found a few potential sources, the most useful of which was from shuttershock’s advice on editorial photo captions.



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