Idea: Portrait

In this post, I intend to discuss a basic, potential idea I am considering for a portrait.

After reviewing my recent research, I reflected upon any potential ideas I could follow based upon aspects I find creatively inspiring and considered some of my old fine art work at college. I once created a sculpture relating to the historic and contemporary concepts of beauty, merging the faces of Venus De Milo and Marilyn Monroe.

I have always found the concepts of duality and social ‘masks’ are an interesting in relation to humanity, the creation of another persona or layers of a false identity.

I started to think about this in relation to a modern context and started to think about the digital manipulation and misrepresentation of beauty, any person can be altered or sculpted to fulfil a particular ideal.  The impact and objectivity of images has become a more malleable concept.  How we perceive and represent ourselves and how society views us has now become particularly defined by social media and mass, worldwide photo sharing.

From this, I began to visualise a portrait of a dual person divided by their ‘real’, unaltered face and a pixelated, artificial ‘mask’. Perhaps this mask could be constructed from smaller ‘fragments’ of their virtual identity, the many faces and personalities that shape their anonymous, online persona across social media platforms.

I feel that the lighting set-up would be high key, perhaps a simple head & shoulders portrait with a white backdrop following an almost clinical approach.

I will need to further consider the more specific aspects of the concept, however I believe that there is a great deal of creative potential within this idea.


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